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Ethereal dreamers SirenSong arrive at West Kirby Live with their immersive and artistic music to entice and intrigue their audience.

Rachael Dunn and Shaun Lanceley were two mainstays of the exciting Liverpool unsigned and acoustic scene and started Sirensong in 2018. Formed as a holistic and artistic expression of themselves they started performing as a way of expressing their creative and dream-like musical ideas. Rachael’s powerful vocal drive and Shaun’s talented musician-ship makes the pairing bounce of one another as the outcome is as infectious as it is relaxing.

Their debut single “Without The Fear” was released earlier this year on Wirral label 72rpm Records. Delicate vocals entwine with serenading strings as SirenSong’s debut is as exciting as it is mysterious. Rolling themes of stormy seas will make their act feel right at home playing West Kirby Live’s Flow Networks Presents The Lake Stage.

Check out their debut single Without The Fear below